World Class Performance Trainer

I will earn my clients respect and enthusiasm through continuous improvement to (both) their physical and physiological well being.

My missioin is to inspire and motivate my clients through innovative and scientifically based training programs. To provide a superior training program based on scientifically based methods.

As a trainer for professional athletes, I will develop a scientifically based program based on experience and proven techniques. Through years of experience with both the professional and weekend athlete have developed training programs based on a scientific approach (ignoring fads and trends that do not produce long term results).

BMeyer Features


"Leading into the World Championship I knew Coach B had given me the tools to win and the rest was up to me. He takes his craft very serious and teaches as he trains."

- Vinny Moriera, Brazil BMX 2009 World Champ

"Bryan Meyer is one of the best guys in the Strength and Conditioning Field. He is creative, energetic and passionate about his craft. To make players work hard, give their best and enjoy it all while kicking their butts. That is a mark of a true teacher. Bryan Meyer is a true teacher."

- Coach Sutton, USA Basketball Coach and Assistant Coach GWU

"You’ll start feeling stronger after a week or two. It’s fun, but you have to be mentally strong to survive a week of workouts with Bryan."

- Dwight Howard, NBA Houston Rockets

"Coach B put me into the best shape possible for my tryouts which gave me a sense of confidence that I haven’t had before."

- Abigail Tamera, Orlando Magic Dancer


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